Show your Canadian Spirit and Learn more about Victoria Day!

Everyone may notice the new animals in your Zoo’s Shop! They all come to us from “The True North Strong and Free” better known to many players as Canada! That’s right. For the next four days, we can all bring the spirit of Canada and to celebrate Victoria Day in our Zoos!

Victoria Day celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24th, but the holiday generally falls on the Monday prior to the 24th. This year, all festivities will fall on Monday, May 23rd, so don’t worry! You all have lots of time to make sure your Zoo is in tip-top shape to honor the Queen. Victoria Day officially became a national holiday in 1901 and used to be called “Empire Day,” then “Commonwealth Day,” then finally Victoria Day.

This is a popular time in Canada for families to start taking advantage of the Spring weather by planning a camping trip, planting new flowers, firing up a barbecue, and simply getting away to some fun in the sun.

So, read on to discover more fun facts about Queen Victoria, see our new Animals and Kiosks, and get a sneak peek at the Ultra Rares that have to be released for this theme!
Did you know

  • Queen Victoria’s mom only spoke German, so even though she ruled England for 64 years, she never learned to speak English perfectly
  • Queen Victoria was the last teenager to rule England
  • As a child, Queen Victoria was always taught to keep her chin up. To help her, holly was put under her collar to irritate her if she put her chin down
  • The earliest postage stamp in the world had an image of Queen Victoria on them

To help everyone celebrate, let us introduce the new items we have in the shop for you all! The art brainstorming meeting for this theme was a lot of fun. One of the artists was adamant about the Victoria Pigeon being added and lo-and-behold, it’s in your shop now! We also wanted to make sure the spirit of hockey, Canadian cuisine, and unique wildlife had their time to shine.

Rare animals


Ultra Rares

So, there you have it! Pick up a Loom, try some delicious Poutine and watch a great game of Hockey, all in the comfort of your own Zoo!

Enjoy the Victoria Day festivities!

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