Celebrity Spotted in Zoo World! Kevin James and his Wild Co-stars from the Movie Zookeeper are Coming to Your Zoo

Looking for the sparkle and sizzle only a Hollywood movie can bring this summer? Then, you’re in luck because you’ll have to look no further than your very own Zoo! Yup, that’s right! This summer, we’re bringing the movie ZOOKEEPER right to your Zoo.

Starting on Monday, June 27th, you will all see some new, exciting, and yes… famous critters roaming your Zoo. You will be able to experience the magic of this simply by loading your Zoo like you would any other day. A video will load showing you special scenes from the movie, Zookeeper, starring Kevin James which is set for release on July 8th, 2011. Click here for the official movie site.

For you animal lovers out there, this movie was made for you! As described from their Facebook page, in Zookeeper, the animals at the Franklin Park Zoo love their kindhearted caretaker, Griffin Keyes (Kevin James). Finding himself more comfortable with a lion than a lady, Griffin decides the only way to get a girl in his life is to leave the zoo and find a more glamorous job. The animals, in a panic, decide to break their time-honored code of silence and reveal their biggest secret: they can talk! To keep Griffin from leaving, they decide to teach him the rules of courtship – animal style. The film also stars Rosario Dawson and Leslie Bibb and features the voices of Cher, Nick Nolte, Adam Sandler, and Sylvester Stallone.

Talk about a star-studded cast! How exciting, right? A movie about zookeepers, talking animals and love for our extra special Zookeepers in Zoo World! But that’s just the beginning. Once you load Zoo World, you will be surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the movie itself! Check out the great things you’ll be able to see and interact with:

New avatar! Your normal walking visitors will be joined by actor, Kevin James, as Griffin the Zookeeper. So now you have your very own celebrity cruising around your Zoo. He’s sure to add some spice to your regular guests!

New animals! Introducing four new limited-edition animals! Available to you for FREE! Nope, that’s not at typo. You’ll be getting all four of these movie stars at no cost to you! So be prepared to welcome the following celebrity animals to your Zoo family:

  • Joe the Lion
  • Mollie the Giraffe
  • Bernie the Gorilla
  • Barry the Elephant
Zookeeper Movie Map
New Map! To complete the picture, here’s a new map you can purchase to bring all new animals and Zookeeper to life! Full of epic monuments and water features. Talk about fancy. Only the best map will do for our celebrity guests.
Once this launches on June 27th, it will be made available for all level of Zoo players. There also will be no unlocking or breeding necessary to get the animals. Even when the video and avatar of Kevin James leaves your Zoo, all your animals and map will continue to stay for you to enjoy and remember the time a Hollywood movie visited your Zoo forever! 
So go ahead and roll out your red carpet because your Zoo is about to shine!

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