Zookeeper of the Week 7/05: Zookeeper Emma

This week, we get to meet Zookeeper Emma! Aside being passionate about singing and teaching, she is also a proud pet owner!  Be sure to read on to discover more about Zookeeper Emma and find out her favorite pet and book series!

Zookeeper Emma, pictured on the left.

1. Where are you from?
Gainesville, FL

2. How long have you been playing Zoo World?
One year.

3. What’s your favorite part of Zoo World?
Collecting from the shows. I wish there were more.

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
A tiger.

5. What’s your favorite animal-related memory? (a trip to a zoo? a favorite pet?)
[My] favorite pet is our basset hound.

6. What are you passionate about?
Singing and teaching children in Sunday school.

7. What’s your favorite quote, food, music, movie, and book?
Quote: “Love one another”
Food: Pizza
Music: Midnight Cry
Movies: Harry Potter books
Books: Stephanie Plum books

8. What makes the world go ’round?

Thank you for sharing with us a piece of your life, Zookeeper Emma! Your answers were short and sweet, so it was a pleasure to learn more about you! Thank you for taking an active role in our Zoo Community and we’re so happy to have you all the way from Florida. I hope your passion of singing and teaching continue to inspire others!

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