Help Reunite Two Lovers with the Star Festival!

Starting on August 12th, we invite all our Zookeepers to grab a blanket, head outside and gaze up at the stars. Explore the infinite universe and watch the tiny speckles sparkle in your eyes as you learn more about this legend we’re sharing in Zoo World. It is a story of love and romance that takes place among the stars. Talk about romantic, right?!

Let’s learn a bit more about the Star Festival:
In China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan, there is a common legend about the stars Altair and Vega. Altair, the Cowherd, and his lover Vega, the Weaver Princess, were separated on either side of the Milky Way by the gods. But for all you romantics out there, don’t worry. There is hope. Each year in August, magpies fly up to form a bridge across the Milky Way so the two lovers can meet.

As you gaze up into the night sky, let it inspire you to complete this seasonal and bring these two lovers together. Dr. Zoo Little needs your help to put together a Star Festival to bridge the Milky Way. Your mission is to gather materials and invite guests for the Star Festival. By collecting items and with your friends’ help, you’ll receive new Asian-inspired animals for your event (pictured above). The more materials you can get, the more guests that can attend the Festival, which means more new animals! Love is in the air and the galaxy!  Read more about the legend behind the Star Festival at Wikipedia.

Getting Ready:

The Star Festival Seasonal works very similar to the past Seasonal celebrations. Simply log into Zoo and you’ll find a new friend waiting for you at the dock, ready to welcome the festivities. Click on the animal to bring up the Star Festival menu.

From there, you can choose an animal to invite, collect items, and ask friends to help you invite all your guests to the festival.

How the Star Festival works in Zoo World:

As with the Fourth of July Seasonal, you will need to collect special items to help the new animals. These items are Wish Paper, Paper Cranes, Streamers, Looms and Carved Melons. Each of these can be collected in different ways:

  • Collect Wish Paper from the feed.
  • Collect Paper Cranes, Streamers, and Looms through gifting with friends.
  • Collect Carved Melons by feeding treats to your animals.

You can post to the Facebook Feed asking for help with the Wish Paper, Paper Cranes, Streamers and Looms up to 4 times per day, or once every six hours. Likewise, you can post Wish Paper to the feed to help your friends once every six hours, and 10 friends can collect a strip from each post. Each of these items can also be purchased with WLP, if you wish.

As mentioned before: more materials means more animals that can attend your Star Festival, so keep on collecting to ensure these lovers are reunited!

Make sure to take the time to Check-in:

Are you short on a couple items to help your animal? Clicking on the dock “checks in,” and you can do this once every five minutes (and even earn XP!). For every three check-ins you complete, you will be able to choose one free Star Festival item of your choice!

How to get Carved Melons:

Earn Carved Melons by feeding any of the treats in Zoo World to your animals. You can choose any of your treats to feed and they will all deliver Carved Melons! So, feel free to choose between a 10-minute Apple or the two-day Ice Cream Cone, they all work to snag you some delicious fruit!

The item will appear when you collect unbroken hearts, not while feeding. You can collect up to 10 Carved Melons per day. You get one Carved Melon after collecting 10 unbroken hearts.

Asking for Helping Hands:

Once you have enough of each item, you’re almost done with inviting your guest to the Star Festival. You just need a couple helping hands from your friends to complete the mission. Click “Ask Friends” to post your request  to your Facebook feed. From there, your ZooMates can help you directly or you can choose to purchase their help for one WLP each.

Rewards and Upgrades:

For every animal you complete you will receive two (2) of that animal to place on your island. We can already feel the love blossoming between the Cow Herd and the Weaver. Make sure you get lots of animals to make their once-a-year reunion a spectacular one in your Zoo!

All the basic animals are Rare.  Once an animal is invited, you will have the option of upgrading your Rare animal to an Ultra Rare. Upgrading your animal will cost 20 WLP total.

If you decided not to upgrade, but change your mind later on, don’t worry! You can upgrade to an Ultra Rare at any time during the promotion by clicking on the Rare in your zoo. This will prompt a pop-up that gives you the option to upgrade it for the same price. Once the promotion ends, your species are set and can no longer be upgraded.

Getting Started for the Star Festival:

Two animals are unlocked right away and ready for you to start collecting items for:

  • Weaver Bird
  • Cowherd Panda 

As with past seasonals, you will need to help the first animal to get the second, and then help the second animal before getting the third, and so forth. New animals will unlock every three days, but you will need to invite the previous guests before inviting the next. This way, all the animals can attend your Star Festival, so make sure no one is left out!

Also, make sure you collect them all! The Magpie, Cowherd Panda, and Weaver Panda form a complete set together. Get all three and place them next to each other on your Zoo to see the love story come to life on your island!

The Star Festival will come to a close on September 5th at Noon PST. On this date, the campaign will end and the Auto-Trade begins. A couple days later on September 9th at Noon PST, the entire seasonal ends, so you will no longer be able to upgrade or trade in items.  Check back here on the blog for more updates, announcements, and giveaways that can help your entire Zoo be ready for the greatest romantic reunion among the stars!

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