Beach animals are coming back to your Zoo!

Can you believe it’s already halfway through August? School is starting again, which means Summer is practically over. Where does the time go? Here at Zoo, we’d like to bring back some of the sun and make you feel like you’re on vacation for just a bit longer, so don’t pack away those sunglasses just yet.

Bring your towel back out and grab the nearest bucket and pail, we’re heading back to the beach. This week, we will be re-releasing our Limited Themed Beach animals for any players who could not get them the first time around. 

Let’s take another look at the adorable creatures and items you can get for your Zoo! You’ll soon see a handful of rares, ultra rares, kiosks and decorations make their way back into your shop.

Rares: (from left to right) Spotted Dolphin, Sandpiper, Sail Fish, and the Blue Lobster.


Kiosks: (from left to right) Sandcastle Kiosk, Swimwear Kiosk, Shaved Ice Kiosk, and a Snorkel Stand.



Decorations: (from left to right) Sandcastle, Surf Boards, Beach Ball, Lifeguard Tower, Changing Tent, and a Beach Towel and Umbrella.



As for the Ultra Rares, be sure to stay tuned and pay close attention to your shop. We’re leaving those up as a surprise for you all! Log into your Zoo and check to see which Beach animal Ultra Rare will make a reappearance in your Zoo! How exciting!

So, there you have it! Summer’s still going strong in Zoo World, so be sure to take advantage of this second chance and bring any of these water loving animals back to your Zoo today.

Enjoy the last month of Summer, everyone! If you’d like to discuss this more with fellow players, please see our official post on the forums!

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