Free Star Festival Wallpapers!

Hello all Zookeepers!

We hope the story behind the Star Festival is filling your heart with joy and love. As you work to reunite these two lovers, we want to treat all our Zookeepers with something special you can keep forever. Be sure to spread the good fortune with these Star Festival wallpapers! Watch the Milky Way bridge for these two animals and be surrounded by romance all day at your desk.

We’ve made sure to make these backgrounds come in varying dimensions so it’ll perfectly fit any monitor screen. See the available sizes below and choose the one that best fits your screen and save away!

Happy Zookeeping, everyone! Also, we hope you all caught our giveaway on the Fan Page today. If not, be sure to check it out here. You’ll be able to collect 10 FREE carved melons to help you along in the Star Festival. The link is valid until 3 PM PST on Wednesday, August 23rd.

Be sure to stay posted to our Fan Page this entire week, because we’ve got even more goodies planned to give away!

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