Hello, Baby



Remember how cute and cuddly your animals appear each time you pick one to start breeding? Have you ever wished they could stay young and adorable forever? Well, look no further because Baby Animals are about to make a darling little splash in Zoo!

Starting tonight, Baby animals will jump off your breeding page and join you and all their adult parents as a regular animal in Zoo World. Be prepared for a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” because your Zoo is about to get much cuter! Open your Shop and click on the new “Babies” tab at the end. The first Baby Rares you’ll be able to find are the ones you see above: the Baby Bigfoot, the Baby Desert Iguana, the Baby Great Horned Owl, and the Baby Livingston Chichlidae.

These Baby Rares will unlock based on the XP Level their parent unlocks at! So take a look back and see which adult animals you like the most and plan when you’ll see its baby counterpart ready in your Zoo! Each Baby Rare will cost 10 WLP and they will not be Limited Edition. Along this same thread, they are also not giftable, breedable, or trainable.

In addition to the Rare Babies, we will also be releasing one to two NEW Baby Ultra Rare animals each week. Please keep your eye out for these every Tuesday when they’ll be released in the Shop. They will be available for an entire week (until the following Tuesday) when a newer Baby Ultra Rare will take its place.

These animated little cuties will be available for 5 Facebook Credits and are Limited Edition. The Baby Ultra Rares will be giftable, in that you can choose to purchase one for a friend.  Similar to the Baby Rares, they are  not breedable or trainable.

We hope you enjoy these Baby versions of all your animal favorites! So, get out a bottle, your favorite baby blanket, and be sure to welcome these new Baby animals with a soft lullaby into your Zoo!

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