Watch out! Shark Week is back!

Did you know that Shark Week first aired on the Discovery Channel back in July of 1987! That’s 24 years we’ve been lucky enough to indulge ourselves for a week to learn and respect these predatory fishes. Since then, its popularity has grown and its program is now broadcast in over 72 countries.

In 2011, the Discovery Channel aired their classic Shark Week series to the delight and terror of viewers across the globe at the end of July. Zoo World, of course, had to participate, so our artists brainstormed and drew up the most interesting sharks to share with everyone in Zoo World.

If you missed them during the original airing of Shark Week, you’re in for a treat! They’re available again for your enjoyment. Shark Week is our 4th and final re-release of Limited Themed animals before we start introducing brand new animals into the shop. Get your hands on these while you can, so  don’t miss your second chance to claim these before they swim away for good.

Rares: (from left to right) Bramble Shark, Nurse Shark, Oceanic White Tip Shark, and the Saw Shark.

Ultra Rares: (from left to right) Angel Shark, Thresher Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Leaping Great White Shark, Basking Shark, and the Wobbegong Shark.

Kiosk: Scuba Kiosk

Decoration: Shark Cage

So, there you have it, Zookeepers, here’s your chance to relive the greatest week on television in your own Zoo World!

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