The Tour Continues! Second Stop: Madagascar!

After our first stop in India, we’re off to Madagascar this week! As the fourth largest island in the world, this country is most well known as the setting of the Disney movie, The Lion King. Madagascar’s rich and exotic landscape serves as the perfect backdrop, not only for an animated movie, but for Zoo World as well.

Madagascar is an island off the southeastern coast of Africa.  Scientists believe it broke off from the African continent about 160 million years ago. Due to its isolation from the African mainland, the majority of the 12,000 species found on the island cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. We felt the island’s uniqueness would serve as a perfect second stop on our world wind tour. Here, we’ll get to introduce all Zookeepers to some truly spectacular and one-of-a-kind creatures, kiosks and decorations!

Rares: Black Lenur, Comet Moth, Cuckoo Roller, Indri, Malagasy Giant Rat, Schlegels Asity, and Striped Tenrec.

Ultra Rare: Panther Chameleon and Foraging Aye-Aye

Kiosks: Baobab Fruit Kiosk, Fanorona Kiosk, and Laoka Kiosk

Decoration: Chameleon Statue

Did you know almost half of the world’s chameleon species live on the island of Madagascar? The community of chameleon is not only world’s largest in Madagascar, but also the most unique. Over 59 different species of the chameleons that exist in Madagascar do not exist anywhere else in the world. Learn more when you see this extraordinary collection arrive in your Zoo today!

Happy travels, Zookeepers!

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