Zookeeper of the Week 9/20: Zookeeper Dave

This week, we get to meet Zookeeper Dave! Aside from playing Zoo since November 2009, he also named his childhood pet after a famous action movie character! Can you guess what the name is? Be sure to read on to discover more about Zookeeper Dave and read about his passion in life!
1. Where are you from?
Angola, Indiana. Its in the northeast corner of the state.

2. How long have you been playing Zoo World?
November 2009

3. What’s your favorite part of Zoo World?
Providing care for 7481 animals. Daily feeding, breeding and collecting the funds to expand the zoo.

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
A Bald Eagle, a large bird that is respected by everyone who sees it, soaring above all others.

5. What’s your favorite animal-related memory? (a trip to a zoo? a favorite pet?)
Our first dog as a family. A miniature collie named Rambo. He provided many years of fun and laughs as he grew up.

6. What are you passionate about?
Providing the best care to others as I would expect for myself.

7. What’s your favorite quote, food, music, movie, and book?
Favorite movie – Top Gun. There is always that desire to buzz the tower.

8. What makes the world go ’round?
Each persons desire to interact with others. They say there is strength in numbers and social networking seems to bring a lot of people together.

Thank you for sharing with us a piece of your life, Zookeeper Dave! Its helpful and kind players such as yourself who make the Zoo community such a great place to be! We’re so happy to hear all your animals are so well taken care of and we hope you keep your interactive spirit alive to ensure your social network within Zoo only gets stronger and more fun!

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