Costume Party Babies!

It’s time to shine the spotlight and roll out the red carpet! These Costume Party Babies are ready for their debut. Its these babies’ very first Halloween and they’ve worked extra hard on their ensembles to impress you and all your visitors. From candy corn  and cheese to insects and mermaids, here’s your chance to celebrate Halloween with these fashion-forward cuties!

Starting today, October 11th, you’ll find a new Gifting Tree appear near your dock. Click on it to find these creatively costumed critters waiting for you to gift to all your friends. Here are all the new Rare and Ultra Rare “Babies on Parade” you can gift to your friends’ Zoos as a “Thank You” gift during this holiday season:



Rares: (from left to right) Baby Candy Corn Bat, Baby Cheese Mouse, Baby Crayon Red Panda, Baby Ladybug Pig, and Baby Peanut Pika.


Ultra Rares: (from left to right) Baby Caterpillar Flower, Baby Chick Peapod, Baby Ghost Squid, Baby Kitten Mermaid, and the Cutesie Roll Pug

We hope these adorable babies inspire you to play dress-up during this Halloween season. These Babies on Parade will be available to gift in Zoo World until Wednesday, October 26th. In the meantime, enjoy the fanfare as these lively, dressed-up babies march and dance through the paths of your Zoo! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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