Zoo World Travels to Russia!

We hope you didn’t pack your passport away because it’s time for us to take off again! Dust the white sand from Costa Rica off and put on your warmest hat and pair of mittens, we’re heading to Russia.

Russia is the largest country in the world, takes up 1/8 of the entire world’s landmass and covers nine different time zones. Due to its tremendous size, it borders more neighbors than any other country in the world, along with 22 different bodies of water. Russia is also the home of the oldest mountain the world, the Urals, and the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. Its expansive area allows visitors to travel from volcanoes to tundras and deserts to glaciers, and every other landscape imaginable.

With such a wide range of space, it proves to be the perfect place for Zoo World to stop by and introduce some of Russia’s unique and rare animals to all Zookeepers. Let’s dive right in and check out some of the new animals and items you’ll run across in your journey through Russia.


Rares: (from left to right) Baikal Seal, Great Bustard, Pallass Cat, Russian Sturgeon, Sable and Saiga.



Ultra Rares: (from left to right) Siberian Flying Squirrel, Blakiston Fish Owl, Firebird, and Russian Desman.


Kiosks: (from left to right): Borsch Kiosk and Faberge Egg Store 


Decorations: Baba Yaga’s House and  Russian Flag.

There you have it, Zookeepers! A number of the most beautiful and unique Russian souvenirs you can take home from your trip. Enjoy and happy zookeeping. Who knows what adventure Zoo World will take you on next. Happy Travels! 

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