Halloween has arrived in Zoo World!

Prepare yourselves for a delightfully spooky and exciting week, Zookeepers! We’re unleashing all of our Halloween spirit to you in the next couple of days. Starting today, step into your shop (if you dare!) to find a large collection of costumed animals, creepy kiosks,  and eerie decorations ready to adorn your Zoo for this scary season!

Happy Halloween, Zookeepers! Here are all the festive animals you can add to your Halloween escape.


Rares: (from left to right) Alien Hog Badger, Devilish Tasmanian Devil, Franken Giraffe, Knight Pony, Robot Crab, and Zombie Zebra

Ultra Rares: (from left to right) Clown Octopus, Grim Reaper Vulture, Mad Scientist Baboon, Ninja Rat, and Pirate Rat.

Kiosks: (from left to right) Black Cat Magic Store, Candy Apple Store, Igor’s I Scream, Plastic Fangs Shop, Spooky Decor Shoppe, and Witches Brewery.

Decorations: (from left to right) Halloween Candy Bowl, House of Horrors, Jack O’ Lanterns , Mausoleum, Skull Candle, Spooky Tree, 5 different Tombstones, and a Vampire Coffin.

This is just the beginning, Zookeepers! We’ve got lots more heading your way to prepare your Zoo for Halloween!

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