More Flash Sales this Week!

Hello Zookeepers,

Happy Hump Day! We’ve got a couple of flash sales happening this week. Like our previous sale, these will run from noon to noon, instead of midnight to midnight and you’ll still have 6-hour windows to catch them on sale. Please review these so you don’t miss out on animals like this Holiday Reindeer!

Here are the details:

Schedule A: Construction Beaver. Orig. 80, Sale 40. 50% off. Limit 5. 1/19 Noon to 6pm, 1/20 Midnight to 6am
Schedule B: Holiday Reindeer. Orig.75. Sale 30. 60% off. Limit 5. 1/19 6pm Midnight, 1/20 6am to Noon.
Schedule A: Industrious Hamster. Orig. 32, Sale 13. 60% off. Limit 5. 1/20 Noon to 6pm, 1/21 Midnight to 6am
Schedule B: 1,000 Juice. Orig. 25. Sale 15. 40% off. Limit 10. 1/20 6pm Midnight, 1/21 6am to Noon.

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