Send your Zoomates special gifts with the new Valentine’s Gifting Tree!!

With our Valentine’s Seasonal in full swing, why not send your helpful ZooMate a big “thanks”! For a limited time, you can send them a special Valentine’s gift for their zoo!

Gifting Tree First

Click the Tree of Hearts next to your gate to bring up the Valentine Gifting screen and you’ll see all ten limited edition presents:

Gifting Main Screen

These Valentine themed ultra rares and rares will be available only for a short time, so any gift you give will be a special forget-me-not to your ZooMate forever.

Because these are special gifts for your most exclusive ZooMates, they are available in a range of WLP prices.
Send the Love Bunny who only costs 1 WLP!

Bunny Picture

And for the ultimate gift, there’s a Kangaroo Crush for 100 WLP!

Kangaroo Crush

Once you receive a gift, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can open it – good things come to those who wait! After those 24 hours, you can un-wrap it at any time.
A bubble above the tree will tell you when you have a gift waiting for you!

Gifting Tree

Get into the spirit of gifting and happy zoo-ing! Don’t wait too long.

You’ll get a reminder a few days before the gifting ends but on February 27th, the Valentine Gifting will end. Don’t let these limited time animals go away without giving one as a gift!

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