Island Expansion Issues in Flash Sale

Hi Zookeepers,

We are terribly sorry, but during the flash sale on 2/19/12, we had a bug in the game whereby it actually charged the full price for the purchase of the expansion islands and not the sale price. Unfortunately, this also prevented some players from purchasing the island.

We are pleased to say that everyone that was overcharged for an island has been refunded. Many of you who submitted support tickets previously received the refunds, but for those players who didn’t submit a ticket or may not have noticed they were overcharged, your accounts were refunded yesterday, 2/27/12. We realize that because of this error, many folks missed out on making island and jacaranda tree purchases during the sale. To help make up for this, we will be offering you the opportunity to purchase these items again in another flash sale coming very soon.

The Zoo Team is sincerely sorry about the troubles and inconvenience this has caused and we do thank you for all of your purchases.

– The Zoo Team

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