Flower Festival!

Spring Preloader

The Spring showers have brought flowers to bloom. Celebrate the arrival of these Spring flowers with Dr. Zoo Little and his friends!

Starting on March 29th, Dr. Zoo Little is welcoming Spring with the Flower Festival! Read on to discover more about this floral adventure!

The Big Picture:

Similar to previous seasonal, there are two parts to this Flower Festival seasonal. The first part is inviting guests to your Zoo. The second part – constructing the Cherry Blossom Palace buildable– will give you a free Ultra-Rare animal to stay in your Zoo when you complete it!

Getting Ready:

When you log into your Zoo, you’ll find a new friend waiting for you at the dock, ready to start the Flower Festival seasonal. Click on the animal to bring up the Flower Festival menu.


Flower Festival Menu:

From here, you can see what animal guests have been unlocked, choose an animal to help, collect items, and ask friends to help invite these Flower Festival guests to your Zoo!


The Flower Festival seasonal has a story to tell! Each time you invite a new guest to your Zoo, you’ll unlock a new part of Dr. Zoo Little’s story. View the story panels you’ve unlocked so far by clicking the “View Story” button in the Flower Festival menu.

Have questions about how to complete the seasonal? Just click on the “How To” button in the Flower Festival Menu for an overview of how to complete the seasonal.

Use the countdown timer so you can see exactly how much time is left for the seasonal. Initially, the timer will show how many days are left. When there is only 2 days left, the timer will start to countdown in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Inviting Animal Guests:

Every 3 days, new Flower Festival guests will be unlocked for you to help! There are a total of 7 guests in this Flower Festival seasonal. As with past celebrations, you will need to help the first animal to get the second, and then help the second animal before getting the third, and so forth. New animals will unlock every three days, but you will need to invite the previous animal before preparing the next.

The Flower Festival guests will help you complete the Cherry Blossom Palace buildable to attract the special guest to your Zoo! Read more below to find out how to get this special Ultra-Rare guest to appear in your Zoo!


You will need to collect special items to invite these guests to your Zoo. These items are the Flower Fan, Pink Lantern, Flower Umbrella, Tea Set, Tatami Mats, Sakura Tree, and Pink Flags. Each of these can be collected in different ways, and each animal requires a different number of each material.

Collect the 2 seasonal items, the Cherry Blossom Cookies and Candy Box from correctly answering the Daily Quiz.

You will have a random but equal chance of collecting either of these 2 items this way.

Collect the Cherry Blossom Cake Roll, Elegant Bento Box, and Dangos through gifting with friends or feed posts.

  • You can post to the Facebook feed asking for help 4 times per day per item, or once every 6 hours.
  • Your friend can only click once on each post to help. They will receive an item themselves for helping!
  • Feed posts expire after 24 hours, so act quickly!
  • You can send your friends free Cherry Blossom Cake Roll, Elegant Bento Box, and Dangos from the Free Gifts page to help them prepare their own Flower Festival, too! A player can send one request to a friend each day.

Collect the Cherry Blossom Cookies and Candy Box by visiting your friends’ zoos.

  • Click on the boat dock in your friends’ zoos for a chance to collect a  Cherry Blossom Cookies or Candy Box.
  • There’s a greater chance of getting the  Cherry Blossom Cookies, but don’t get discouraged if you receive the Candy Box. It’s all part of the fun!
  • You can collect from the same friend once every day. You’ll receive one item per visit. A countdown timer will show when the 24 hours are up and you can visit that friend again.

Once you have enough items, click on the “Complete” button to invite the guest into your Zoo. You no longer have to wait for 10 friends to help you invite guests into your Zoo. Congratulations, you’ve invited your first guest! Your Flower Festival seasonal is well under way.

If the button is gray, that means that either you do not have enough items to invite the guest yet, or the animal is still locked.

Make sure to take the time to Check-in:


Are you short on a few items to invite to your Flower Festival adventure? Click on the dock to “check-in” every five minutes (and even earn XP)! For every 3 check-ins you complete, you will receive one free Flower Festival item of your choice!

Rewards and Upgrades:

You will receive two (2) of every animal you invite into your Zoo to place on your island. All the basic animals are Rare. When you invite a new guest into your Zoo, you will have the option to upgrade your Rare animal to an Ultra Rare. Upgrading your pair of animals will cost Wildlife Points.


If you decide not to upgrade right away, don’t worry! You can upgrade your Rare Flower Festival guests to Ultra-Rares at any time during the promotion by clicking on the animal in your Zoo. The pop-up will have a button that allows you to upgrade. Once the promotion ends, you will no longer be able to upgrade your Rares to Ultra-Rares.

Note: You will be able to feed, collect hearts from, and breed Flower Festival guests only AFTER the seasonal ends (i.e. when auto-trade begins).

Upgrading your Rares to Ultra-Rares has an additional advantage! As you’ll read below, your Flower Festival guests are busy at work making materials for you to complete your Cherry Blossom Palace buildable. Ultra-Rare Flower Festival guests make buildable materials 25% faster than their Rare counterparts! Instead of getting materials from the Barnyard Cow every 6 hours, your Ultra-Rare will give you one every 4 hours! Speed up your Flower Festival completion by upgrading your Rare guests to Ultra-Rares!

How to Complete Your Flower Festival Buildable:

The first time you open the Flower Festival Menu, you will receive the Cherry Blossom Palace frame. An adventure like this isn’t complete with just guests; you’ll need something much more spectacular to attract the special guest! You’ll be asked to place the base in your Zoo after you close the menu.

Your Flower Festival guests bring more than just fun into your Zoo this time around! Each guest will make a special material that you need to complete the Cherry Blossom Palace buildable. It takes each guest a different amount of time to make their materials; you’ll notice that each animal has a timer letting you know how long until its item is ready to collect.

Here are all the items you’ll be collecting from your guests:

  • Flower Fan– Get from the Flower Pug and Playful Mastiff
  • Pink Lantern – Get from the Pink Spotted Quoll and Jolly Squirrel
  • ??? – Get from a guest to be revealed on 3/31!
  • ??? – Get from a guest to be revealed on 4/3!
  • ??? – Get from a guest to be revealed on 4/6!
  • ??? – Get from a guest to be revealed on 4/9!
  • ??? – Get from a guest to be revealed on 4/12!

Reminder: Ultra-Rare guests produce materials 25% faster than the Rare guests! Upgrade your guests to complete your buildable more quickly!

When the animal is ready to be collected, the readied material will glow above its head. Click to accept the item. Invite all the guests into your Zoo to collect all the materials you need to complete your Flower Festival seasonal. When the buildable is completed, the Flower Festival guest will appear!

Under the Flower Festival Menu:

Click on the Cherry Blossom Palace Frame to open the Cherry Blossom Palace Buildable Menu.


Here, you can see what stage your buildable has been completed to and the number of materials you need to reach the next stage, as well as tips as to which guests will give you what materials.

Feeling impatient? You can buy buildable materials for WLP to speed up the completion of your Cherry Blossom Palace buildable!

Once you’ve finished putting together the Flower Festival, complete with the Cherry Blossom Palace buildable  and all the guests properly invited, the special guest will be so impressed that it’ll choose your Zoo to reveal its secret identity. But that’s not the final surprise! The mystery guest is an extra-special Ultra Rare animal you get to keep in your Zoo forever as a souvenir when you complete Dr. Zoo Little’s 2013 Flower Festival seasonal.

This means that if you decide not to upgrade any of your animals for WLP, you can still work hard, complete the seasonal, and get a free Ultra Rare to keep. To find out what that is, start the adventure!

Getting Started for the Flower Festival:

Two animals are unlocked right away and ready for you to start collecting items for:

  • Flower Pug; Playful Mastiff
  • Pink Spotted Quoll; Jolly Squirrel

Dr. Zoo Little’s Flower Festival will come to a close on Monday April 22, 2013 at 12pm PST. On this date, the campaign will end and the Auto-Trade begins, and you will no longer be able to upgrade or trade in items.

Open your Zoo to start your Flower Festival adventure and be sure to check back often to our Fan Page, Forums, Blog or Support site for updates, additional information, or even giveaways!

Spring is here, Zookeepers!

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