Lucky Egg Additions for Independence Day 2013!

Hey Zookeepers,

Happy Independence Day!

Lady Luck brings 2 brand new additions today to commemorate this special day!! They are the Zoo Casino and the Casino Bunny! The Midnight Scorpion is also back!

We’ve even included a list of all the current animals available in the Lucky Egg, along with the likelihood of getting them.

Have a great 4th, everyone!

– The Zoo Team

Lucky Egg July 3rd

Ultra Rare – 10%

Zoo Casino – New Decoration

Midnight Scorpion

Rare – 15%

Casino Bunny – New Animal

Shocking Electric Eel

Strawberry Brontosaurus

Uncommon – 25%

Baby Kennedy Caterpillar

Charming Hummingbird

Wishing Well

Blue Cockatrice

1000 Juice

Common – 50%

Baby Boto

Rocky Mountains Eagle

Black Dancing Swan

King of the Zoo Lion

Cheering Blue Jay

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