2013 City Travelers Limited Gifting Tree!!

Hey Zookeepers,BOGO is here! Buy One, Get One FREE for yourself!

For each animated City Travelers 2013 Ultra Rare Limited Edition Gift you send a friend, get the same item for your own Zoos!

Big city travels await you with the globe-trotting Dr. Zoolittle! We’re making stops in some familiar iconic spots with 7 eligible animated Ultra Rares with a BOGO sticker next to it for easy finding.

Upon sending your gift, check your storage to see your free item! Remember any additional ones will go to your count!

Be sure check out the Ultra Rare animals animating on below:

Arabian Golden Sandcat, Chilean Contulmo Frog, Parisian Camargue

150_arabiangoldensandcat 150_chileancontulmofrog 150_parisiancamargueRoman Hoopoe Bird, San Franciscan Dungeness Crab

150_romanhoopoebird 150_sanfranciscandungenesscrab

Spanish Golden Scorpion, Thai Royal Elephant

150_spanishgoldenscorpion 150_thairoyalelephant

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