About Zoo World

Become the best Zookeeper in the world! Zoo World is a zoo-themed social game on Facebook where you collect animals, breed endangered species, and work together with your friends to build the best place for animals and visitors to play.

In Zoo World, you can:

  • Discover hundreds and hundreds of animals of all shapes and sizes
  • Gift animals to your friends to help them grow their zoo
  • Gather money by building a zoo that delights all of your visitors
  • Find hidden treasure in your friends’ zoos
  • Play with friends to rescue endangered animals and build bigger and better structures

Best of all, new animals,  and new features are constantly being added to Zoo World. That’s what this here blog is for – to keep you up-to-date on the latest news additions.

About RockYou

RockYou is the leading application developer for social networks. Our Facebook applications include RockYou Live, Hero World, Crime World, Birthday Cards, Pieces of Flair, Speed Racing, Hug Me, Likeness and more.

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