I Love Zoo World: A Poem

Zoo World: A Poem

By Bill, “I Love Zoo World” Honorable Mention

When I signed up for Facebook, I learned there was so much to see,

I have made many new friends, and found some who were looking for me.

But among the new ones I’ve made, I know this much is true,

There are no better people, than those who play “Zoo.”

We all come together from different parts of the globe,

To play this game we all love, wearing jeans or a robe.

We help out each other, doing so without hassles,

Assisting with gardens, attractions and castles.

We gift many animals, maybe even teach some a trick,

We watch over their births and provide help when they’re sick.

Each day there’s a bonus and mystery prizes,

Zoo dollars and trees, among other surprises.

The XPs mount up as we collect different species,

And those maintenance men clean up all the feces!

Monkeys and tigers, dolphins and whales,

When you feed them you can almost see them wagging their fins and their tails.

But again, it’s the people, who make this such fun,

If I could I would hug them, each and every one!

So thank you, developers, and to all those involved,

When I’m searching for fun…Zoo World…problem SOLVED!

2 responses to “I Love Zoo World: A Poem

  1. Nice job, Bill — Congrats!

  2. i love zoo world cant u see aya and all my frainds is playing that game hahahahohohohehehe aaaaaaaaaa

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