I Love Zoo World: Zoo World Rocks My World!

Zoo World Rocks My World!

By Brenda, “I Love Zoo World” Honorable Mention

I was reluctant in joining another game, but I gave in and started building my zoo. I am 49 years old and am a full-time student since I lost my job last November. I honestly have to say I never cared one way or another about learning before, but I absolutely love it now! I read everything I can about any topic! Zoo World is not only a fun game, but also a great learning tool!

I send a message to all my little nieces and nephews every day about a different animal. They love it and look forward to it each day! I am in the process of making a list of all of my Zoo animals and am going to create my zoo islands to reflect the countries the animals are located in. This requires me to do a little research, and in turn, I’m not only playing my game but learning about different animals and their habitats! I am actually thinking about changing my major from Health Information to something where I can work with animals or do research and help endangered species.

My friends tell me I am obsessed with Zoo World and I say, “YES I AM!” Out of all the applications available on Facebook, this is the only one that I have actually learned from. I am excited each day to play, to move up and have more animals available for me to add to my zoo! I am always trying to recruit people to play and if they don’t join right away, I’m sending them a personal message and I tell them about a different animal that I have never heard of before!

I want to thank you for developing this application. I hope that the game continues to grow. I believe with the information Zoo World provides, animals that are endangered will be saved and people will have a better outlook on our world and how to do their part in keeping it safe!