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2017 American Legendaries Gifting Tree!! 03/09/17

Dr. Zoolittle is giving tribute to some of the mightiest and deadly animals to have walked on this planet as he travels back in time! Join him in this epic journey to meet these legends!

Gift these majestic animals to your friends as we bring the third Gifting Tree of the year!

BOGO returns for the new American Legendaries Gifting Tree! Send your Zoomates any of the 7 Ultra Rare animals and get it for yourself, FREE!

Remember each eligible BOGO animal will have the sticker next to it. The first 3 listed Rare animals do not apply for BOGO.

After sending your Ultra Rare gift, check your storage to see your free item! Any additional animals of the same will go to your count!

Be sure to check out the American Legendaries Gifting Tree Ultra Rare animals animating below:

Ozark Howler, American Thunderbird

Altamaha-ha, Shunka Warakin, Flathead Lake Monster

Beast of Busco, Jersey Devil

Thank a Friend by Sending Them a Special Holiday Gift

Do you have a special ZooMate who’s always there for you, both in-game and in the Real World? Now that it’s the holidays, you can send them a special gift and show them how much they mean to you.

Click the Christmas Tree next to your gate to bring up the Holiday Gifting screen, and you’ll see all nine limited edition presents:

These rares and ultra rares are available only during this Holiday season, so your friend will always have a unique item to remember you by.

To provide the gifts with a feeling of unique value, they do all cost Wildlife Points – but they have a wide range of prices to accommodate everyone who wants to send a special present to a special someone. There’s even a 1 WLP option – an adorable, if perhaps unexpected, pet.

When you send a gift, it will appear beneath your friend’s tree fully-wrapped. You can also send your friend a customized message, which will appear on their wall.

Once you receive a gift, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can open it – good things come to those who wait! After those 24 hours, you can unwrap it at any time. Wait until the 25th, or dive in immediately. Whichever you prefer.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

New Buildable in Zoo World: Cornucopia

Zoo World's buildable cornucopia

With the Teacup buildable completed and Thanksgiving in full swing, Zookeepers can now start filling up a Cornucopia with delicious Fall fair.

Zoo World Cornucopia Shop Screen

To start building the Cornucopia, grab a frame from the “buildables” tab in the Shop and place it in your zoo. Once you have the frame, you can start building from both the Shop and from the Cornucopia itself.

Zoo World Cornucopia Screen

Like with all Zoo World buildables, the Cornucopia is made up of several parts that require 10 each. You can ask for these parts on the feed, which lets friends send them to you as gifts. So if you need more parts, just ask your friends. They’re free!

If you prefer not to grab them from friends, you can also pick up the parts for 1 WLP each.

The Cornucopia gifts are:

  • Autumn leaves
  • Baskets
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • Pumpkins

Happy autumn!

A Guide to Greenhouses

Greenhouses in Zoo WorldTrees in Zoo World do more than just look pretty and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They also hide Zoo Cash! Once per day, you get a shiny surprise when you shake a tree by clicking on it. Go on, try it.

For higher level players, shaking all of these trees can take time. To help with this, Zoo World offers the Greenhouse buildable. Each completed Greenhouse holds between 15 and 155 trees, and shaking the Greenhouse gives you cash for every tree inside it.

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Where Are My Zoo Gifts?

The New and Improved Facebook Requests System

We call this a "game changer." (In the literal sense.)

Last week, Facebook made some sweeping changes to their Requests system as it relates to social games. The key change, which many have asked about on the Zoo World forums, is that game requests moved to the left side of your Facebook home page.

This means all of your Zoo World gifts and Zoomate requests are now available in the “Games” tab. You can find the handy bookmark underneath your Messages, Events and Friends, along with new bookmarks for your most-played games. (Which hopefully includes Zoo World!)

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Sneak Peak: Going to the Rodeo

You’ve built theaters, chocolate factories, greenhouses and rose gardens – and soon, Zookeepers will find a new buildable available in their shops. The Rodeo! By cooperating and gifting with zoomates, you’ll be able to build a new, extravagant kiosk to increase your zoo value and show off to your friends.

Keep reading for a quick recap on how buildables work, and a sneak peak at the Rodeo’s art.

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